Monthly Accounting Services

Affordable Monthly Accounting Services to Benefit Smaller Businesses

Small- to medium-sized businesses benefit the most from outsourcing bookkeeping functions to professional service providers such as OfficeOnCall. We have an expert team on board and offer affordable monthly accounting services that can help you save time and money.

Save on Employment Costs

When you make use of our monthly accounting services, you don’t have to be concerned about accurate financial recordkeeping, reconciliation of bank statements and debtor or creditor statements. You can focus on what you do best and thus grow your business.

Instead of having to employ another person to keep the books up to date and to ensure on-time delivery of invoices, you can entrust the responsibilities to us.

With a permanent employee on the payroll, you need to consider the total cost-to-company. The employee requires annual leave payment, medical benefits, UIF, and other contributions.

Add the costs up and at the end of the day, the expenses associated with having a permanent staff member to handle the monthly accounting functions, become too high. We offer you an entire team and are not on your payroll. With such, you don’t need to carry the costs and risks of hiring a full-time staff member.

Focus on Opportunities Instead of Administration

For the micro-business owner, it doesn’t make sense to hire another employee just for accounting. As such, many small business owners attempt to manage the books while also focussing on business at hand.  This eventually means that the business owners lose valuable opportunities because their focus is on keeping the books up to date.

We understand the dilemmas that small and medium business owners face when it comes to time and cost management. Our monthly accounting services thus include all the essentials business owners need to ensure full SARS compliance. In addition, we also manage the debtor invoices and creditor statements. In this way we thus help small business owners to minimise the risk of non-payment by debtors and loss of income.  

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

With a full-time employee handling all the monthly bookkeeping functions, you have the risk of incorrect entries and in some instances, also fraud. We take responsibility for accuracy and thus help to ensure credible bookkeeping.

Keep Up-to-date Books for Budgeting

If you don’t know exactly how much you owe to creditors and which payments are due as well as keep track of debtors and outstanding payments, you risk losing money. It also makes budgeting and forecasting difficult. Timely bookkeeping is essential for any business owner to manage cash-flow effectively. With up-to-date accounting you can do accurate forecasting and have the required records to make informed business financial decisions.

Our monthly accounting services include the following:


Why OfficeOnCall?

We have a proven track record of service delivery and our team consists of qualified and experienced accountants and consultants. Since we’re focussed on providing high quality service to our clients, we also keep up with all the regulations regarding tax, submissions and accounting regulations.  The professionals in our team are specialists in human resources, payroll and accounting.

We can thus help you to submit tax returns on time and help you reduce your overall workload as well as overheads. Apart from our professional bookkeeping services, we help you manage debtors effectively, allowing you to maintain good client relations and thus avoid situations of bad debt.

Turnkey Solutions for Modern Businesses

Whether you simply want to outsource the bookkeeping functions or want us to manage your payroll as well, you’ll find that our solutions are tailor-made to fit modern business requirements. From HR disciplinary actions to on-time salary payments form part of our service portfolio. We believe in helping you to reduce risks, streamline accounting functions, and ensure superior forecasting abilities.

Don’t let the tedious and complex tasks of accounting overwhelm you. Focus on building networks, expanding business operations and developing your brand. We’ll focus on providing you with the essential accounting and payroll support services you need.  Contact our team for immediate professional assistance.

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