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Let the Professionals Handle Your Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is often a tedious and time consuming job that requires a lot of diligence and focus even for the most experienced people. Essentially though, it is a part of the much broader accounting process and an important one at that, and for this reason it fills a very specific role within a company. To ensure that it is properly done the bookkeeper is responsible for recording all the financial transactions of a business in the books of account.

People in general look at accounting as the same repetitive thing and they wouldn’t be too far off as the one process simply follows the other. As the financial transactions roll in, they have to get recorded in the respective books for the accountants to report on and analyse. The size of the company often determines how often the reporting and analysis has to take place, but if you want to see your business grow, the more frequently it’s done the better.

The Need for Bookkeeping in Gauteng

People are often starting up new ventures or expanding on their existing ones and it often happens that they need to hire somebody to handle the financial record keeping. In Gauteng you can find a bookkeeper for hire on a freelance basis or you can hire them full-time to handle all of your financial recording processes. Instead of having to sit down and capture all the information yourself, you can simply hire a professional bookkeeper to it for you.

When you are running your own business and you need to allocate time to growing your business, then you can’t really afford to be sitting there with a hand full of receipts and trying to figure out whether it needs to be captured under debtors or creditors. Many Gauteng business owners would have experienced that time pinch at some point or another, thus they made the right decision to hire a professional as it not only saves them time, but also money.

Bookkeeping at the Best Possible Price

Admittedly the cost of bookkeeping services can escalate quite high and the price you pay is usually linked directly to the size of your company. The more records that need to be kept, the more time that needs to be spent on the whole process, but to ensure that it is done correctly and that your company is abiding by all the laws, it is a necessary process.

If you are uncertain about hiring a bookkeeper on an ad-hoc basis to keep track of your income and expenses, then all you need to do is calculate the difference between hiring somebody on staff full-time and the cost of hiring an external company to do it as often as necessary. You might also be wondering if you need to hire an accountant instead of a bookkeeper, and even though their roles have already been outlined, there are still significant factors that come in to play when making your decision.

To Hire a Bookkeeper or an Accountant

When it comes to deciding which one you need, you have to figure out if you want help with the reporting and analysis or not. If you need to make an analysis of your current financial situation and you haven’t got the necessary “know-how” to make an informed decision based on what is in front of you, then it’s an accountant that you need.

If you are simply looking for somebody to capture all your financial transactions for you, so that you can save yourself the painstaking time it takes to do it, then you may find it more beneficial to hire a bookkeeper. They can take all of that data capturing of your transactions and all you need to do is figure out what to do with the data at the end of every month. It also means that you can use that extra time to work on growing your business more instead of being bogged down with the task.

How to Find a Good Bookkeeper in Gauteng

For business owners that live in Gauteng you can simply run a search for a bookkeeper online or save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find one and simply call us. The fact that you need to remember is that you will need a reliable and affordable company, and that it has to be somebody you can trust with all your financial records. Also, it is has to be a company with the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that it is done correctly. For this, we ask you to put us to the challenge and allow us to help your company run like clockwork by leaving all your bookkeeping needs to the professionals.

Simply call OfficeOnCall today and we will discuss all your bookkeeping needs with you in detail.

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