Payroll Outsourcing Help

Payroll Outsourcing Help Available to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Payroll outsourcing help is now available to small and medium sized businesses in South Africa. It is a much needed service, especially for businesses with fewer than ten employees. Even if a company outsources or only uses casual labour, there are numerous pitfalls to be avoided including that of tax deductions, employment contracts, salary payments and monthly processing of salaries.

With several regulations in place to protect employees including contract workers, companies must ensure on time payment of salaries, the provision of accurate pay slips and of course, adequate record keeping when it comes to the payroll. Outsourcing such functions can help to minimize the resources needed to manage the human resources of the company.

Reduce Overheads

Overheads associated withpayrollprocessing include that of computers, office space, electricity, staff, and stationary. In addition, valuable time is taken up with weekly and monthly payroll processing. A business owner can significantly reduce the overheads by getting payroll outsourcing help from a professional company.

More often than not, small business owners, even though struggling to manage the payroll processing, shy away from outsourcing services, simply because they fear the hefty price tags that come with such services. When making use of OfficeOnCall business owners can relax. The idea is to reduce the overheads and not to add to such.

Improved HR Management

We improve the efficiency of the payroll processing of your company without adding to the staff or workload. Indeed we don’t take up office space and reduce the resources you have to allocate to manage such. In addition, we ensure that your company meets the requirements and regulations of the South African labour laws.

We offer a range of payroll services such as monthly or weekly processing, salary and wage calculation based on the information provided by the client and the handling of statutory returns which we complete on behalf of the client. PAYE, SDL, and UIF processing and submission need not cause headaches since we can help to ensure accurate records and on time submission. We can also arrange the registration for:

We recognize that you will want to keep control over the finances of your business. As such you will still be in the control seat and will authorize the payments. When you use OfficeOnCall, the frustration of having to deal with repetitive administrative work is eliminated. We are also here to assist with disciplinary action and setting of protocols. Let us compile the letters of appointment and ensure that your employment contracts comply with the various labour laws. Grow your business and streamline the HR functions by making use of our professional payroll outsourcing help.

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