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What Do You Get When You Use Outsourced Payroll Services?

Outsourcing is a relatively new concept in South Africa. Used to doing everything ourselves, things are changing for the better: businesses are creating the time and opportunity to be more productive. Payroll services are one of these outsourced office jobs, perfect for small businesses with a few employees. But what do you get with payroll solutions offered by an external payroll processing company?

You get to save money in two ways, first of all:


But obviously there’s more to that with payroll services. Payroll solutions offered by these companies are designed according to your company’s unique structure. This may constitute a number of individual services, some of which include:


Not Only for Established Companies

Since companies who offer payroll services aim to perform all the duties of a dedicated employee (or group of them), their services are usually much broader too. Concerning payroll solutions, these companies can register your business for VAT, statutory returns and take care of all relevant formalities to ensure that you are both compliant and up to date.

In addition to payroll services and custom payroll solutions, you might also be able to offer from additional services which streamline your business. These may include: marketing, office support, project management and even IT management and support. This ensures you get the full benefit usually gained from a few employees, offered by a team of professionals at affordable rates.

As South African legislation lists towards small businesses, companies who do not have yet have their own payroll services crew will benefit from the custom payroll solutions offered by these companies. It will save time, money and contribute to business efficiency.

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