South Africa Payroll Services

South Africa Payroll Services Become More Affordable for the Small Business Owner

In South Africa, payroll services are often associated with just more expenses. Such is especially true for the small business with fewer than ten employees. Small businesses often don’t have the resources to employ an HR person permanently and certainly cannot always afford to have a full time accountant onboard.

The dilemma is worsened by exuberant fees often asked by outsourcing companies. When one then considers whether to handle all the tasks, only outsourcing tax and then burning out because the alternatives are too expensive, the picture becomes even bleaker.

Affordable Solution for the Business Owner

Fortunately there are companies such as OfficeOnCall that can take care of all the payroll issues for the small companies and at affordable prices. This allows the business owner the freedom to focus on profits and market infiltration rather than labour and HR issues. In addition, it frees up resources and at the end of the day also saves the company money regarding:


Labour Law Issues

Another dreaded area of small business management is that of compliance with all the statutory regulations regarding labour and payroll. With hardly enough time in the day to focus on marketing, administration, client service, product development and day to day running of the business, having to deal with various regulations may just become too much.

There are numerous pitfalls to avoid and keeping up to date with the changes in legislation is thus essential to prevent a clash with the Law. We can help since we have an experienced HR professional team to ensure that your company complies with labour and payroll regulations.

Without taking up any floor space and resources our team can manage your weekly and monthly payroll processing functions including that of day workers, contract employees and once off contracts. We will do the calculation of salaries and wages based on the information provided and ensure that the correct amounts are deducted and reflected on the pay slips.

Stay in Control

We understand how important it is for the business owner to stay in control and thus ensure that you will not have to relinquish control. You have to approve payments and thus can keep financial management in control. We simply ensure that the routine tasks are completed in a timely and professional manner.

Should there be issues such as disciplinary actions, you will be able to lean on us for guidance regarding procedures. Where you appoint a new employee, let us handle the compilation of the appointment letter, ensure that your business interests are protected, and that everything is done in line with statutory regulations.

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