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Obtain Professional Assistance with Payroll Processes in South Africa

As a South African business owner or manager, you most probably are aware of just how important payroll is. By having a system set in place for the recording and management of this process, you will be safeguarding yourself and your business’ interest at best. Each employee, regardless of the amount of people you employ, needs to be registered for the various taxes and must be recorded as a paid individual by your company. When you calculate their wages or salary you will need to detail their earnings, deductions, taxes, overtime and so on, and then present them with a salary payslip for their records.

Of course many companies end up employing someone full-time to handle these particular tasks and this is where your business could be losing valuable money. By outsourcing this service to a professional concern such as OfficeOnCall, you can use less of your own resources (incur less of a cost to your company) and save on the monthly fees as we will complete tasks at a cost-effective rate. We work efficiently and according to your specified deadlines which means that you will have what you need, when you need it.

Absolutely everything regarding the process involved in capturing and managing employee payments will be professionally handled for you. Simply provide us with each staff member’s details and information, and we will ensure that their final payment amount is accurately calculated and that they are provided with a breakdown of their salary and deductions.

In addition, we can assist you to draw up a professional and legally correct letter of appointment, as well as help you with handling any disciplinary hearings and action within the company. Each of our team members is well versed in the field and will ensure that regardless of your needs, you are provided with a service excellence that is second to none, giving you every reason to entrust your office admin tasks to us.

While we handle all of the calculations and administration, you will still be in complete control of authorising payments and ensuring that you are in agreement with amounts and person being paid. The tasks involved are repetitive and ever changing as new employees may arrive and others leave. We guarantee to take the stress off of your shoulders when you choose to allow us to manage this aspect of your business. At OfficeOnCall we help you to be in accordance with regulations for payroll in South Africa, with ease.  

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