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How You Can Benefit from Expert Payroll Services

Small business owners in South Africa are the new employment boom. These companies are increasingly playing a far more important role in the economy with regards to creating employment opportunity and providing work. However, many small businesses are unaware of the maze of employment law in South Africa, which could be detrimental both to them and their employees. Outsourcing to expert payroll services could remedy this and is frequently seen as a popular answer to this problem.

Unlike with larger, established companies with endless resources and reserves at its availability, small to medium businesses have to find ways to save money while taking care of everything that demands attention. As any business owner will soon realise, hiring staff entails more than just conducting interviews. Employee tax, UIF contributions, labour law, pension contributions and many other aspects of payroll services all need to receive the required attention.

When trying to grow your business and expand your market share it always makes sense to spend your time and resources on income generating tasks, which is why it would make sense to outsource your payroll requirements to experts in the field.

Why Expert Payroll Services Makes Sense

One of the biggest reasons behind companies opting to outsource their payroll administration is the savings involved with the decision. In the past, companies needed to invest in an internal payroll and bookkeeping department. If the company couldn’t afford to erect this department, it fell on management’s shoulders to see to the work getting done. While it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to hire someone full-time to handle your payroll administration, many companies don’t have the need for a dedicated employee only to see to this.

Other companies have a higher workload than one employee would be able to handle, but don’t have the resources to hire more permanent staff members. This is where outsourced expert payroll services will be able to save you a lot of money. Regardless of your needs, you can work with the company to decide on a package that is tailored around the requirements of your company.

Seasonal Requirements and Associated Challenges

Many companies operating in various industries in South Africa such as the construction, travel and tourism and agricultural sectors require seasonal workers to make their industries profitable and sustainable. It also means that during specific times of the year, they require a larger workforce than during other seasons.

For these companies it wouldn’t necessarily make a lot of fiscal sense to erect a large, internal payroll department that will only be busy for part of the year, with the rest of the year dealing with a significantly reduced workload. In this regard outsourcing payroll to another company will help the company to deal with its busier and laxer payroll requirements, without locking themselves into paying permanent employee salaries even when there isn’t the workload to justify it.

Keeping Your Books Accurate

Payroll is most definitely not an easy task. While the industry professionals who do it daily become expert at it, if it isn’t your forte and don’t render income and profit to your company, taking the time to master it won’t be very practical. Keeping the figures and numbers straight is important, and should you make a mistake with it, it could very well come back and haunt you.

In this regard it simply makes sense to invest outsourced expert payroll services that will take care of all your company’s payroll needs.

At OfficeOnCall our team of expert payroll professionals work hard to keep our valued clients’ books and records up to date. We offer our services at incredibly competitive rates and we are proud of the value-adding benefits that it provides to our eclectic clientele.

Many companies aren’t aware of the correct human resource procedures to follow with regards to disciplinary action, or the finer details that goes into employment contracts. These are only a few of the areas that we offer expert assistance in. We will also help you to take care of your UIF contributions and other payroll tax related issues to ensure that your company remains fully compliant and up to date with all its payroll responsibilities.

Contact our expert payroll professional for affordable services that will help your company reach new heights.

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