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Benefits Of Quality Payroll Service Providers

South Africa is considered as having one of the best human rights constitutions in the world especially as these are relevant to the workforce in the country. However, this makes Labour Law very complicated to deal with in ensuring that your employees are treated fairly and compensated for their work. A quality payroll service can assist you in ensuring that you are in line with statutory regulations regarding the compensation and the treatment of all your employees.

Employing a permanent Human Resources person to take care of your weekly or monthly payroll requirements can also be a costly exercise. Not only do your need to ensure that they have the necessary qualifications to fulfil this role, you will need to send them on regular courses to update them on any legislative changes that may affect your employees. Over and above this, you will need to invest in costly payroll software instead of using the more cost-effective payroll service solutions on offer.

It is important to point out that while a quality payroll service provider will take care of all the details and mundane tasks, you retain full control of all your payments. This means that while you will be provided with correct salary information after deductions for each of your employees, you will still be responsible for the actual payments.

 Any payments to government organisations as well as benefits for your employees such as UIF or medical aid can also be calculated for you by the payroll service provider. Once again, it is up to you to ensure that payment to all these relevant organisations is made on time every month.

There are also a number of value added services that your quality payroll service provider can offer you. There qualified and experienced team can help you resolve employee disputes and the correct disciplinary procedures to follow. In addition, they can assist you in setting up protocols and procedures to follow for employees and management within your company that are in line with Labour Law and other legislation.

A payroll service provider should be able to assist you with the annual tax submissions for your company as well as your employees. All tax reports and submissions will be completed quickly and conveniently for you and submitted along with your payment to the relevant organisations.

For a more comprehensive view of all the benefits you can take advantage of when using a quality payroll service provider, you can simply contact us.

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