Save Time and Money with Payroll Outsourcing

Companies take up payroll outsourcing to access professional assistance with maintaining and updating all issues related to the salary structures of their employees. This incorporates all aspects of the payroll management, ranging from taxes, wages and other emoluments. As any small business owner can attest to, payroll processing is a complex and error-prone, time consuming process.

According to law in South Africa, employers are required to withhold a specific percentage of their staff’s salaries in order to pay their taxes. These payroll tax amounts are never very consistent and different employees fall into different tax categories. How much should you subtract? How do you calculate it? Do you calculate their bonuses and allowances with their salaries? These are all questions facing small to medium sized business owners who have to calculate their payroll on a monthly basis.

To make things even more complex and complicated, tax laws and regulations are frequently changed and updated. This makes it even more frustrating for employers who try to stay up to date with the latest income tax developments. Many companies are also unable to afford an entire in-house payroll department, which is why payroll outsourcing is on the rise. More and more South African business owners are realising the great benefits that this value-adding service can offer.

Choose OfficeOnCall for Affordable and Reliable Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

At OfficeOnCall, we know what your business needs to succeed – you. Your valuable time is best spent on income generating tasks, and not on administrative duties. Not to minimise the importance that crucial administrative processes play in your company’s success. Let our payroll outsourcing solutions help you to take care of every aspect of your business.

From making sure that your employees are paid on time, to ensuring that your company remains tax compliant, our expert payroll outsourcing is there to make your life easier. We take care of monthly or weekly salaries and wages, and calculate them based on the information that you provide. This service also includes deductions and the provision of pay slips. All of this is achieved without taking up any of your valuable office space.

No need to fret, as you will still retain complete control of your finances and you will still need to authorise each payment, while we help to ease the strain on you. We ensure that all the repetitive tasks are scheduled and performed on time, so that you can rest with ease knowing that your employees receive their money on time, every time.

Aside from providing expert and affordable payroll outsourcing solutions, we also provide our clients with reliable bookkeeping services. These include up-to-date financial records, which are crucial to the success of all small businesses. Our bookkeeping solutions include reconciliation of bank statements, capturing and recording of financial data and monthly management accounts indicating your financial position. Contact us at OfficeOnCall to learn more about our payroll outsourcing solutions and to find out how we can help you easily take care of your company’s payroll obligations.


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