Small Business Payroll Solutions

How Can Small Business Payroll Solutions Benefit Your Business?

Small business owners are driven and passionate entrepreneurs who see solutions where others see problems. Unlike national and multi-national companies who have endless corporate reserves to pull from whenever the time arrives to make things happen, small business owners often only have their own reserves and that of their dedicated teams. Even though these business owners are some of the hardest working South Africans there are, they simply can’t do everything on their own.

This is why many small to medium sized businesses opt for affordable small business payroll solutions. As a small business owner, you need to work wisely with the resources that you have at your disposal. One of your most important and valuable assets, aside from your human resources, is your time. Spending your time on income generating tasks, or spending it on admittedly important administrative duties like bookkeeping and payroll, will in one way or another impact your company’s success.

Why Should Your Business Care About Small Business Payroll Solutions?

In the past, companies needed to employ full-time payroll staff to take care of all their accounting and payroll needs. If there was no such person, the onus fell on the business owner to take care of it. One thing about payroll is that it comes around once a month, a dozen times a year. Oftentimes, it feels like you just finished off last month’s payroll, then you have to start working on the next month’s batch.

Oftentimes, businesses aren’t big enough to warrant a full-time payroll professional or in-house department. If you are worried about supporting another full-time salaried position, or about having enough work to keep your employees busy throughout the month, then small business payroll solutions can be of great benefit to your business.

You only pay for the solutions and services that you need, and you don’t commit yourself to a full-time salaried position. During the slower periods of the month and year, you also save money when you don’t need the dedicated solutions of a full-time staff member. What’s more, you get to tap into the experience and expertise of a professional team of payroll experts whenever you need to.

Choose OfficeOnCall’s Small Business Payroll Solutions for Your Forward Thinking South African Company

At OfficeOnCall, we work with your company to provide you with excellent and reliable small business payroll solutions, all without taking up any of your valuable office space. We take care of managing your payroll processing – be it monthly or weekly, salaries and wages – and calculate the payroll from the information that you provide. 

You continue to retain full control of your finances and still authorise all payments. Let us help you by easing the strain by ensuring all repetitive tasks are scheduled and performed on time, including the provision of payslips. Our team is ready to provide you with the solutions that you need.

Contact us at OfficeOnCall to learn more about our solutions for small business payroll and many other value-adding services, including bookkeeping offerings.


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